Elme Metall Finland Ltd

Strong partnership

  • Estonian-owned steel service company and a part of Elme Metall group, which has steel service units in the Baltic countries, Finland and Poland.
  • Elme Metall group has 14 warehouses in five countries and six steel service centers. The group employs approx. 500 workers.
  • The sales year 2018 were over 250 000 tons of steel products and colored metals.
  • Affiliate of BLRT Grupp As. The main branches of industry of the group include building and repairing of ships, manufacturing of steel constructions, handling of scrap metal, wholesale of steels and metals, harbour- and stevedoring services and manufacturing and sale of industrial gases. At the moment, BLRT Grupp As employs over 4500 people and it is one of the largest industrial enterprises in the Baltic countries with more than 60 different companies.

In December 2011, BLRT Grupp AS took over AB Eirosteel Ltd which is situated in Hattula and was previously known as N-teräs. The name of the company changed on the 1st of May 2012 to Elme Metall Finland Ltd, consistent with the company´s other steel service units, and at that time the corporate image of the enterprise was also renewed in many other ways.

There are 24 professionals working for the company. Our goal is to expand fast but still keep our agility and great service attitude throughout the organization. We are a man-size company for people and a professional business partner for companies. So we aim at ”the old time” steel wholesaler spirit while our growth targets are high and we renew our production services and expand our operation in Finland.

In the stock selection you can find steel sheets, beams, steel bar and reinforcement bars, meshes and flame cutting and sawing services. Although the competition is already hard also on the steel wholesale sector, we are confident that we will redeem our place with our own expertise, competitive prices and by taking care of our great employees.

Since 13.05.2019 Elme Metall Finland Oy CEO is Priit Tiru.

Main branches of industry we want to be involved in are:

Elme Metall Finland Ltd

  • Building industry
  • Steel constructions
  • Mechanical engineering

From BLRT group via us

  • Maritime industry
  • Wind power plant industry and offshore
  • Steel and metal trading

Elme Metall Group

Elme Metall is an independent enterprise which is a part of the leading holding company in the Baltic countries, BLRT Grupp. Elme Metall is a competitive enterprise and serious player in the markets, the products of which are well known among the customers both in and outside the Baltic markets. Thanks to the extensive deliveries from BLRT Grupp´s other companies, it has been possible to maintain a high position in the steel market in the Baltic area.

The strategic aim of the company is to develop the supply of high-quality services to its customers. At present, the mission of our steel sellers is to meet the ever-changing expectations and requirements of our customers as fully as possible. This makes it possible to strengthen our market position, increase the service supply, expand geographically, increase customer numbers and boost sales, which bring added value and enhance profitability.

Our good reputation as a reliable business partner contributes to our stable market position and our efforts to continually expand the business. Our production has been directed to big corporate customers – shipbuilding and repair, building firms, steel construction manufacturers, steel refiners and steel retailers are among the most typical customer segments we cooperate with. The mission of Elme Metall is to be a reliable connection between the steel product manufacturer and the consumer.

Our key success factors are continuous market research, high-quality products and services, modern manufacturing technology, flexible production control methods and rigorous fulfilling of contractual obligations. Our long-term experience, strong partnership and existing services are always there for our customers to be made use of. The personnel of Elme Metall aims at offering new products and services in order to expand deliveries into new market areas and strengthen the positive image of the company as a manufacturer of high-quality steel products and services. Elme Metall has sales offices and steel warehouses in major cities of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland regions. Annual steel deliveries are over 250 000 tons of steels and metals.

  • 1996 – Baltic Ship Repair -factory purchasing department
  • July 7th 2001 – Elme Metall to Estonia
  • 2002 – Elme Metall to Lithuania
  • 2003 – Elme Metall to Latvia
  • 2005 – SSC Elme Metall to Tallinn
  • 2006 – SSC Elme Metall to Klaipeda
  • 2007 – SSC Elme Metall to Vilnius
  • 2010 – Elme Metall to Poland
  • 2011 – Elme Metall to Finland, Elme Metall Finland Oy
  • 2011 – SSC Elme Metall to Riga
  • 2016 – SSC Elme Metall to Maardu
  • 2018 – SSC Elme Metall to Parola
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